How to Install CCTV Camera

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The most important aspect of installing a CCTV camera system is to select the correct spots for the camera and DVR to maximize camera coverage and minimize cable length (which minimizes line loss affecting video quality ). Inside the house, select a corner in the room from which most points of entry to the room are visible. A power socket must also be in proximity. For the outside, choose a high spot to cover doors, window approaches, garages, etc. Choose spots above 10 feet so that it is not easily dropped.

Place the cctv camera at the point, make guide marks for drilling. Drill holes and hammer in the screw mouldings. Now, screw the camera in place firmly. Insert the power cable of the camera in a socket.

Plan the route for all cables from cameras to DVR units. Molding wedge and Siamese monitoring wire along the way put inside. Use wire molding to manage and protect the wire. contact us

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